Heart of Truth

Honoring Ourselves - We Are Worth it!

July 19, 2021 Susan Hum, a production of The Steel Rose Movement Season 1 Episode 10
Heart of Truth
Honoring Ourselves - We Are Worth it!
Show Notes

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda O'Reilly, the “Subconscious Surgeon” and creator of Worthy Wands.   She has a degree in psychology and a master's in Neuro-linguistic programming. 

Her mission is to help people untangle themselves from their stories so they can unapologetically embody new levels of leadership and evolution. As a sexual assault survivor and someone who experienced feeling unworthy,  Amanda has conquered her demons and now strives to help other women do the same.  

Amanda created Worthy Wands after failing to find self-worth through the personal development community. Rather than ignoring negative thoughts and emotions, Amanda’s philosophy of trusting herself with her emotions has allowed her to achieve fulfillment. 

Amanda and I discussed her story, the Worthy Wands community, neuroscience, and how we create our own reality.  

Chapter markers:

  • 01:30 Amanda O'Reilly Introduction
  • 02:51 What led Amanda on her current mission
  • 09:50 We are not our thoughts
  • 11:08 Trusting ourselves
  • 15:29 The importance of self awareness 
  • 19:05 How Amanda achieved success 
  • 22:22 The Worthy Wands community
  • 24:25 Ideal love 
  • 25:05 Leading with love
  • 27:18 Why we question our feelings
  • 28:18 We create our reality
  • 31:20 Recognising where you’re at emotionally
  • 34:38 Dating
  • 39:30 The power of Worthy Wands

Notable quotes: 

  • “I did not recognize the girl in the mirror anymore” -Amanda → Referring to how she put on metaphorical masks for other people
  • “We’re powerful creators but we’re equally powerful destroyers” -Amanda
  • “Self-worth is what you think and feel about yourself; It doesn’t matter what other people think about you; -Amanda
  • “Other people’s opinion of you is a projection of what they think about themselves” -Amanda
  • “Your only competition is who you were yesterday” -Amanda
  • “We can’t do everything alone” -Susan
  • “Trust comes from self-trust first; Can you trust yourself with all your emotions?” -Amanda
  • “We abandon ourselves first before anyone else will ever abandon us because we’re abandoning our authentic selves” -Amanda
  • “I attached my worth to succeeding because then that validated my work” -Amanda
  • “If we can't look at our untruths and judge them we can’t find a solution” -Susan
  • “When we put expectations on something [lasting] forever, [...] we have to chameleon in order to keep it” -Amanda
  • “Our brains are wired to keep us safe, not keep us happy” -Amanda
  • “We are not complicated it’s the stories we drag through life that complicate things” -Susan
  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” -Amanda
  • “In the world of love, opposites attract” -Susan
  • “Nobody gets to tell you that you’re worthy; That’s something you need to embody” -Amanda

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